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DAO.NEW is a tool for creating DAO's where membership is determined by holding an NFT. Members who hold NFT's have the right to vote in proposals which can determine some action that the DAO wants to take. For example, members can vote to spend money, buy NFT's or even control the parameters of a decentralized lending protocol!

Membership DAO's are a special kind of DAO and are best suited for exciting dynamic communities who are trying to accomplish a common goal. Examples of Membership DAO's might be:

VideoGameDao - A group of people sell custom NFT's to raise money to build a video game.

This DAO actually exists! DopeWars has thousands of members and a million dollar treasury, and are building a video game.

CoolPartyDAO - A DAO that owns a popular music venue where DOA NFT holders get priority access to the venue and votes on new musical acts. (Think: Friends With Benefits)

RanchDAO - A group of people buy some land and build a ranch. Members contribute to the upkeep, share profits from rentals, and get to claim one week a year to stay at the Ranch. (Think: CabinDAO)

What DAO will you build?

Getting Started

Got 2 minutes? Check out a video overview of DAO.NEW:

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

Fundamentals: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of DAO.NEW to get a deeper understanding of our main features:

Good to know: DAO.NEW is very much a work in progress. If you have some ideas for us, join the discord, or add a PR on the Github


DAO.NEW is being built as a DAO in and of itself, governed by the DAO's that are created by it! We're pretty early in the idea maze here, but learn more here.

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