QuickStart DAO Deployment

Getting started with DAO.NEW

What is a DAO?: DAO's are "Decentralized Autonomous Organizations". They are like a companies, except they run on the the blockchain and are way more powerful.

The basics

DAO.NEW creation is done in three steps.

  1. Token

  2. Minter

  3. Governor + Timelock


The Token is your NFT. This is what will trade on OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare or any other NFT marketplace. The marketplace available for trading will depend on the blockchain network you choose to deploy on.


Minting your NFT is handled by a special smart contract called the minter. The minter is responsible for running a sale of your NFT's and has a number of admin functions to give you complete control over the process.

The Minter is also responsible for managing the money earned from the initial sale of your NFT's and can be set to split the sale revenue between a DAO treasury and an individual (creator).

Governor + Timelock

These contracts for the heart of the DAO. The Timelock is the treasury and is responsible for holding all the DAO funds. The Timelock contract address represents the DAO onchain. If you are creating a DAO to control a protocol or receive payments, you should always supply the Timelock contract address, and not the Governor, Minter or Toke.

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