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Connect your wallet

You'll need a wallet like Metamask and some ETH or the native token of the network you're connected to. Getting tokens is a bit out of scope for this guide, but you'll need some!

You will want to be sure that your wallet is connected to the same network that you intend to deploy on.


DAO.NEW has been configured to support a wide variety of EVM networks to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with a DAO anywhere you like. There are, however, tradeoffs between networks that you should be aware of before deploying.

Tally DAO Support

A major feature of DAO.NEW is the automatic deployment of your DAO to Tally for easy management of your community. Tally powers a wide number of top-rated DAO's such as Uniswap, Compound, ENS, Gitcoin, DopeWars, and more.

Tally currently (2/8/2022) supports the following networks:

Ethereum Mainnet, Ethereum Rinkeby, Optimism, Optimism Kovan, Polygon, Polygon Mumbai

Other EVM networks are supported by DAO.NEW but you will not be able to manage them yet on Tally (but your DAO will still work perfectly fine).

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