The Token Contract is an ERC721 optimized for lower gas costs, and supercharged with DAO voting functionality.

In this section, you are setting the parameters of the NFT token that you are creating. Not all the values are required, but they are important as you can't change them later.

  • Name - This can be anything, and will be the name of your NFT. This is what you would see if you list your tokens for sale on OpenSea

  • Symbol - This is a short abbreviation of your token name, so "Cheese Token" might be abbreviated as "CT". This is often used on sites that track prices.

  • BaseURI (optional) - If you are adding custom artwork and metadata that you generated in OpenSea format, you will want to wrap it in an IPFS directory and provide the directory hash as the BaseURI. You don't need BaseURI to get started, it can be added later. If you leave this empty we will generate you a cute little "ticket" SVG directly on-chain.

IPFS Directories can be a little bit tricky. To learn more how about them see this and OpenSea's Developer Docs

  • Contract Info URI (optional) - Like the baseURI, this lets you embed some metadata into your contract that allows storefronts like OpenSea to display your collection in a nicer manner. Read more about it here. If you don't have it, you can skip it.

  • Resell Royalties - Everyone knows the story of how some artist sold a painting to a collection for some small amount of money and the collector turns around and resells the painting for millions: and the artist doesn't see any of the money. With Resell Royalties, you can program in how much the original creator of the artwork, or the DAO should receive on every future sale.

Under the hood, we use EIP-2981 which is supported by Rarible and other platforms. OpenSea support is coming soon and currently, royalties need to be set up manually. See "How do creator earnings work on OpenSea"

  • Royalties Recipient - This is the address that will receive the royalties from secondary sales. You can choose to direct the funds to the DAO treasury or provide a different address.

By sending the Royalties to the DAO treasury, you can help ensure your community has the self-funding resources to support its activities for years to come.

Onwards to the Minter!

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