Wrapping up

So you've got a DAO, now what?

🎉 Congratulations, you have an NFT Membership DAO!

So, now what?


Manage your DAO directly on Tally. Here you will create proposals, and have your users vote on them directly onchain. Onchain votes are key for important tasks such as purchasing NFT's, or paying contributors. Tally has easy recipes to make day to day tasks smooth and easy.

Setting your users up to Vote

Before your community can start to vote, you will need to have folks delegate their votes. This process announces them as voters in your community and gives the ability to vote for or against proposals. To delegate to themselves or someone else, all these need to do is click, "Delegate" from your DAO page.


For many DAO's twitter is a life source of the community. It's like the public facing bulletin board for your DAO. You need a twitter.


You might have registered a web domain, but have you gotten an .ETH domain yet? If not, head over to ENS to set one up.


For most sane people, life in a Discord keeps them up at night, but for many communities its a crucial backbone of conversation, communication, and collaboration. Like Twitter, your community probably needs a Discord. If you are building a more relaxed community, a Discourse forum might suit you better.

Use Collab.Land to token gate channels on your discord. That means only people who hold your NFT can view and participate in some exclusive discussions.


Need a place for your community members to meet in the Metaverse? Get a gallery space at Mona so your members can meet virtually from where ever they are. Perfect for Events!

Good luck!

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