Make your DAO real by putting it onchain

Deployment is the process of taking all the settings we've configured and putting them on-chain.

You will need some native tokens for the network you are deploying on. ETH if you're on Ethereum or Optimism, but other networks like Polygon require Matic.

When you click Deploy, a transaction will come up in your wallet asking for your confirmation. Confirm the transaction and DAO.NEW will orchestrate the deployment and configuration of the Token, Minter, Governor, and Timelock contracts.

DAO.NEW uses OpenZeppelin Clones to reduce the price of deployment. On Ethereum Mainnet where gas fees are very high, this means a savings of thousands of dollars!

While the deployment transaction is mining, be sure to stay on the page. At the end of deployment if all was succesfull you will be presented with the deployed addresses of your contracts. Write these addresses down! They will only be shown once. If you accidently navigate away, you will need to check your block explorer to find them again.

Tally Support

Below the deployed contract addresses will be a button that says "Manage your DAO on Tally", if you click this, you will receive a link that takes you directly to your Tally preview DAO Page. Save this link it is displayed only once (we will improve this, promise!) and will be hard to find again later if you misplace it (you will need to contact Tally directly).

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